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People: A film by Lenny Lipton (1969)
Mayday 2016 on Vietnamese TV
Judy's interview with Daniel Ellsberg about Mayday 1971 (2016) (Interviewer: Judy Gumbo Albert, Cameraperson: Paul Kealoha Blake, Media Center, Berkeley CA)
People's Park: A Discussion (2016)
Vietnam: The Power of Protest Conference - Pt. 1
Vietnam: The Power of Protest Conference - Pt. 2
PANEL: The Personal, The Market and The State: Panel, Boston (2014)
PANEL: Women's Liberation's Revolutionary Potential Panel (2014)
The Vietnam War: Has It Ended? (2013)
Video interview from Vietnamese TV (2013)
Human Be-In - Full Program (1967)
Stew & John Lennon on Colbert
Chicago 1968 - 40th Anniversary
Pigasus - 1968 presidential candidate of Yippies
The Yippie Movie - produced and directed by Abbie Hoffman and Bill Jersey (1968)
The Right to Yippie - Short Documentary about Yippies
Peace of Mind - A documentary about the Youth International Party for the Making History Project
Footage of Abbie Hoffman from Here Come the Videofreex
Vietnam Vet Protests, Mayday 1971
An Interview About the Chicago 7 Trial With Abbie Hoffman (Transcript, 1969)
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