A different Jewish New Year

L’shana tova. A good new year to all.  Since I met David, I’ve used Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services as my once-a-year opportunity to visit with Stew.  David knew, he didn’t mind, and only once did David  come with me – when we were courting.  He made it palatable for himself by calling himself a cultural anthropologist,  which meant he did insist on fasting and staying to the bitter end of YK.  I just now realized these high holy days will feel quite different from any previous:  I now have two dear departed ghosts to commune with.

I’ve been neglecting you dear blog friends. I promised more to come on the Barb 50th Anniversary.  And I did not come through.  That event took place mid August.  A huge success. 150 people, terrific PR.  I still hope to post what I wrote about it but in the meantime you can  get a good sense from my FB page and from http://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/article/Berkeley-Barb-underground-paper-50-years-later-6417936.phphttp://www.sfchronicle.com/entertainment/article/Lefties-come-home-for-Berkeley-Barb-reunion-6442444.php

David’s memorial was this past Labor Day. Another huge success. 100 people who sang, told David stories that brought him back to life and ate chicken & Portobello mushrooms barbecued by Dan, my wonderful son-in-law.  Had he lived,  Labor Day would have been our 6th wedding anniversary. I needed to be surrounded by friends & I was.  On top of all that, I sent 50 pages of Yippie Girl to a literary agent who turned me down with the best rejection letter ever.  “The writing has great style,'” he says then goes on “and doesn’t fall into the usual sins of memoir which are excessive misery and naval gazing…Yours is an important story and you have done a superb job of bringing to life a time and place that seems almost like a different country.”  While I liked this guy a lot I had qualms about him from the start after he told me didn’t really like the 1960s since his girlfriend had left him to become a hippie.  I am glad he saw on his own that he was not the right fit for me. So now I am on to another agent. We’ll see right?

On top of all this at the end of this  month I am going to Maine, then Woodstock for the opening of Justin Schein’s film about David’s cousin & Abbie’s and my friend Mayer Vishner. Film is about Mayer’s “existential project” – taking his own life.  After that NYC for 3 days then home Oct. 7.

All these are headlines.  Headlines that take up a lot of my time. Internally I still wake up way too early focusing on fear & creating my own worst case scenarios  “The night is dark and full of terrors,” opines one of the female characters in Game of Thrones – a show I can no longer watch because I find it is too scary.  Days are pretty much fine altho I am often tired.


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