David is gone

It is with deep sadness that I tell you David is gone. He died peacefully at 2 p.m. Friday, November 21, 2014. At the end, David was surrounded by his nephews Jesse, Tonk and Rio, and by me and Jessica. David opened his eyes, perked up, took an in-breath, a tear rolled down his left cheek and then he died. A shiva will be held this Sundayg at 4:30 at the Common House, and continue during the week at my house. People have asked me about donations.  David was the primary instigator of a line in the Cohousing budget to support new capital projects. If you feel inclined to make a donation in memory of David, e-mail me at judygumboalbert@gmail.com. With deep sadness, Judy

4 thoughts on “David is gone

  1. Dear Judy, Lisa and I send our love and want to be in touch with you but only when you want us to…. We are thinking of you, and know how lovely and sweet this wonderful guy David was, and pray that his neshama as bright as it is goes to a place of peace and tranquility. We are with you! – Joey

  2. Dear Judy,
    David was a dear and good friend to me, and a remarkable inspiration and role model in both how he accepted with equanimity life’s “bull and bear” cycles and the final verdict. I remember so vividly how much we all worried about him the year after Donna’s passing. With his circulatory scares, I expected to lose him much sooner. I believe that his new and joyous life with you is to be credited with how long and how enthusiastically he lived thereafter. I am so sorry that your time together wasn’t longer. I am also very grateful that through David, I was able to know you and your amazing story. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with. May the wings of peace enfold you both, in your separate locations, but with hearts joined.

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