A visit from a tough old bird

When I walked outside the house this a.m.  a large black crow was perched on the lawn quite close to  me.  It flapped its wings, turned its head to look at me with a quizzical eye, cawed loudly then flew away.  I recall someone writing a piece recently for the New York Times in which she remarked on how those who die come back to us in the form of birds, especially near to the  death. I remember that being true for Stew, who visited my backyard in the form of a strutting wild turkey.  Perhaps I’ll see an eagle land when I next walk the Berkeley Marina but today, the first full day of David’s shiva, my tough old bird hangs out and talks to me right in my own front yard.

One thought on “A visit from a tough old bird

  1. I continue to feel like crows have uncanny abilities to read situations. They do a lot of commentating and we can interpret it any way that works. Tell him we miss his everyday presence. Love to you.

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