Morning Thoughts

I won’t write long blogs for a while. I need to save my writing energy for Yippie Girl. But I’m going to try & write down morning thoughts. To crank up my writing brain for the day.

Here’s today’s 6/2/15.  David has supplanted Stew in my memories. He feels very present. I see his image walking, always from the back, shoulders slightly bent, big butt, skinny legs. Stew, even though I write about him all the time in Yippie Girl, feels more distant. But here’s my thought/or question of the day: If Stew died but I had never met David, I would see Stew around much more, right? There’d be no other man’s image to supplant his. I can tell you one thing, if Stew knew this, he would be really pissed off. 

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